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container house pre-assemble...
supervision for a steel structure warehouse completed successfully on nov, 2015...
new prefab model house was built in our factory on november.22nd, 2014...
datuk amar abang haji zohari from ministry of housing, sarawak, malaysia and its delegation visited cbm company on june....
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k-type house

single floor prefabricated house
double storey prefabricated labor camp
three storey prefab building

the series of double slope modular house is a new concept in construction of pre-fabricated houses. this prefab house is economical and can be designed based on local climate and environments.

common applications

  • labor camp, temporary accommodation house in construction site;
  • temporary dormitory, office, meeting room, school, hospital, canteen;
  • temporary shop, parking area, exhibition hall, storage;
  • temporary maintenance and service station etc;
t-type house

  china kit home  
customized modular house
double slope prefab home
flat roof steel prefab house
duplexs movable house

the series of flat modular house is a kind of prefabricated house can be flexibly designed based on customer’s project requirement. this kind of prefab house is with better looking and with high strength for different weather conditions.

common applications:

  • temporary construction houses, labor camp and disaster relief housing;
  • accommodation for field work as the road, railway, building, etc.
  • temporary offices, conference rooms, headquarters, lodging house, store, schools, hospitals, parking area, exhibition gallery, power distribution room.
  • temporary laboratory, maintenance, service station;
  • hotel and vacation house etc.
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