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cbm’s flat modular board are utilized in t type construction, and panels are strongly connected with pull nail\bolt nails and tapping nails.

are built with more superior and attractive panels for better out look and yet have high strength to use in very stringent weather conditions.

common uses

  • temporary construction houses of :
  • field work as the road, railway, building, etc.
  • city municipal,
  • commercial and other temporary housing. such as: temporary offices, conference rooms, headquarters, lodging house and temporary store, temporary schools, temporary hospitals, temporary parking area, temporary exhibition gallery, temporary power distribution room, temporary maintenance, temporary service station, etc.
  • and also used as temporary housing of military logistic, temporary space of disaster relief, sterile laboratories, isolation rooms, transforming communications room, and temporary tourist and temporary travel district casual villa, vacation house etc.


  • reliable structure
  • water proof
  • weather proof
  • heat insulation and preservation characterstics.
  • fire proof
  • elegant outlook
  • architectural effect.
  • convenient for transportation.
  • multi assemble / dis-mantle type.

technical specification

standard terms used : mt ×nt×nh= width × length × height, t =1150mm ,h=1000mm,
standard width(mt):m≥2, t =1150mm
standard length(nt): n≥2, t =1150mm
partition as per client’s requirements.

common specification sheet for flat roof mobiles board house

standard specification

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